About the Artist

Using the simplest interlacement of threads, Nancy Crampton's rugs and tapestries show her involvement with color. According to Nancy, she weaves not only because she loves weaving but also because she loves the way color works on yarn and cloth.

The rugs and wall hangings all use an age-old technique called tapestry. In tapestry, different color weft threads are used in adjacent areas of the piece allowing the weaver to make a picture or shape in the cloth. These fiber pieces are woven using traditional materials, linen warp and wool weft. These materials have been time-tested for strength and wearability.

"In my work, the idea can come from a combination of colored yarns, words from a phrase or from the requirements of a commissioned piece." Nancy says she enjoys the challenges involved in weaving a piece for a particular location. "I have a strong color sense and I love color and the way colors interact with each other. It is fun to find yarns that complement the colors clients have chosen for their environment. I collect yarns in colors I find exciting, colors that often have no proper name. Yarns are not like paint - you can't mix them together to get a new color. You must either buy them, dye them yourself or place them next to each other so they interact."

A source of artistic interaction and stimulation in the Kalamazoo area is her involvement with the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo, Michigan League of Handweavers, and the Kalamazoo Arts Council.

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